E-learning Consulting Services

Expert support to help you get the most from your LMS and achieve your learning goals. 

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Are you an LMS Administrator responsible for measuring and reporting on student engagement, student success and retention?  Are  you looking for ways to help teachers use your LMS to achieve their learning goals? Leverage our technical knowledge to show you how.

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E-learning success with your LMS

Our Totara and Moodle consultants understand LMS infrastructure, the  different content frameworks available in the market, and how they combine to improve online learning:

  •  Need to create a SCORM compliant LMS?
  •  Looking to explore alternative content frameworks?
  •  Want to know what Moodle plugins will help you achieve your goals?
  •  Looking for student retention tools? 
  •  Seeking help with collaborative learning?
  •  Exploring how to improve social learning?

Leverage our in-depth knowledge and experience of LMS technology to help you deliver improvements, fast.

Over 15 years of experience

Catalyst LMS E-learning Consulting

Our LMS E-learning Consultants have in-depth knowledge of LMS, both from an Educator and LMS Administrator's perspective.  While we do recommend that you leverage valuable resources and support in areas such as the Moodle Academy, our services provide you with  a dedicated resource that can help you achieve your goals quickly and effectively.  Providing clients with support, day-in-day-out, we understand what it takes to deliver successful outcomes for educators, administrators and their students. 

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Student success and retention

Learn how we support universities and learning institutions to measure and improve student retention. 

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Collaborative learning

Learn how to use H5P, the open source content collaboration framework, that makes it easy to create, edit, share and reuse interactive content. 

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Moodle course building

Leverage our in-depth knowledge of the extensive range of  Moodle course options, to assist you in delivering content to your audience in an effective way. 


Instructional design

Understand how your LMS supports course content and learning material, before engaging a designer to create it.

Client case studies for large, multi-region education providers

Improve performance

Make the most of your e-learning platform

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Discover innovative plugins that support your learning goals.

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Expert, friendly consultants to support you with proven strategies for success.

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Learn what’s in the latest versions that could help you deliver your plans.

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Leverage our years of knowledge to learn how to achieve the best learning outcomes for your learners and your organisation.

Benefits of working with experienced e-learning consultants

Choose Catalyst IT as your E-learning Consulting Partner

  • Premium Moodle Certified Partner
  • Platinum Totara Partner
  • +15 years experience of optimising, custom development and migration of enterprise-level Moodle & Totara LMS
  • Recognised by Moodle, awarded "Open Source Contributor of The Year"
  • Recognised by Totara, awarded "Global Partner of The Year"
  • Trusted by Monash University, Kmart Australia and Australian Federal & State Government departments
  • AWS Consulting Partner, with world-class cloud infrastructure: LMS hosting and managed service delivers exceptional system performance for multi-region education providers
  • 24/7 multi-region Follow The Sun Support model, to support you when you need it most

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