Totara Learn

Catalyst IT is a multi-region Totara Platinum Partner. Our technical expertise supports your e-learning goals to cultivate an engaged workforce, fulfil compliance obligations and drive learner progress and performance.

Catalyst IT Australia is a Totara Platinum Partner that won Totara Global Partner of The Year 2020

Transform your e-learning experience with Totara; Power your workplace with enhanced digital training, compliance and performance management features, supported by Catalyst IT, a Totara Platinum Partner.

Introducing Totara Learn

Totara Learn is a leading open enterprise Learning Management System (LMS), designed for workplace learning

Providing business with the freedom to learn, Totara is transforming workplace learning with its powerful, flexible, and open platform that adapts to the unique needs of your business. Whether your needs are learning management (LMS), performance management, or employee engagement, Totara has it covered.

This short 2 minute video provides an overview of Totara Learn LMS

person doing remote e-learning with Totara Learn LMS

Totara provides a full range of workplace e-learning and development solutions with Totara Learn, Totata Perform and Totara Engage:

  • Easy access to learning - single sign-on (SSO) helps to boost login and engagement rates and lower barriers to learning
  • Right people, right learning, right time - course management features  provide flexibility to target learners with relevant content, just in time
  • Multi-tenancy - cater to multiple groups or customers from a single instance of your LMS
  • Comprehensive custom reports - increase compliance, track learner performance, and send automatic email notifications to relevant learners
  • Prove compliance and course completion - remind learners to get certified and provide the evidence of  timely completion of compliance training


How Catalyst IT supports Totara Learn


Consultancy, including requirements analysis and solution design


Development and integration, including theming and design


Managed hosting, including  multi-region 24/7 follow the sun support and response


e-Learning Consulting with expert Totara Learn specialists

Benefits of working with a Totara Platinum Partner

Choose Catalyst IT for your Totara Learn services

  • Catalyst is the Totara Global Partner of The Year 2020 - a multi-region IT service provider
  • Open source software development experts - over 20 years of support for  e-learning technology
  • 24/7 follow the sun support, providing real-time response to issues as they arise
  • World-class hosting on AWS architecture for exceptional system performance, reliability and high availability
  • Security and reassurance of being able to build and audit open source code
  • Ability to extend Totara Learn with a wide range of additional plug-in Moodle modules
  • Being able to share the benefits of Totara Learn community contributions

Why Totara

Totara provides four freedoms that offer scalability you don't get from other solutions



A learning technologies customer is not a customer. You are a creator, producer, problem solver, innovator.



With Totara, it's not 'one size fits all'; it's  'what solution suits you?'



Our open and flexible platform enables you to embrace, change, and create engaging learning experiences.



Get rid of expensive software licensing and locked-down contracts.

Explore how Catalyst can help migrate, customise and support your Totara Learn LMS