Our Diversity and Inclusion Policy


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Policy statement

As a responsible employer working across global open source communities, diversity and inclusion are important at Catalyst. We recognise, celebrate and seek to increase diversity across our organisation. We are working to build an ever more diverse workplace by promoting equality and opportunity. We want Catalyst to be welcoming and inclusive for everyone, and for our staffing to reflect the diversity of our international society. Encouraging diversity across Catalyst helps us attract and retain great people, leading to even better solutions for our clients.

Our diversity statement

The Catalyst group of companies has been dedicated to using the world’s best open source software and tools to deliver robust IT solutions for our clients all over the globe for 20 years. Along with our passion for open source, we are a company that is committed to equal opportunities for all, regardless of individual characteristics. Examples of these characteristics are gender, age, culture, disability (mental, learning, physical), geographic background, language(s) spoken, marital/partnered status, physical appearance, ethnicity, religious beliefs and gender identity or sexual orientation.

What we do to encourage diversity and ensure inclusion

  • Make reference to our diversity policy and link to the full policy in all job advertisements, so potential employees know that diversity is important to us. Our job ads are written specifically to be as inclusive as possible, using software to check our text for any possible bias.
  • Provide training for employees involved in recruitment to raise awareness of bias and how to ensure our recruitment processes are as fair as possible for applicants of all backgrounds.
  • Actively encourage under-represented groups to consider careers in IT, especially in open source.
  • We are family friendly. We help employees balance family and work responsibilities, including flexible work options.
  • Ensure our Catalyst Academy consistently achieves an equal balance of female to male students.
  • Conduct internal reviews to make sure we’re paying people fairly.
  • Discourage language that is discriminatory or exclusive.
  • Work with our clients to create systems that are accessible to physically challenged users.
  • Provide accessibility training to staff, clients and the broader community.
  • Catalyst employees have delivered a range of talks on different cultural and gender-related topics.

Responsibility for diversity and inclusion

All Catalyst employees are responsible for encouraging diversity and inclusion by treating each other with tolerance, respect and understanding. Catalyst Directors and Management Team are responsible for promoting a culture of diversity and inclusiveness throughout our organisation. Catalyst People Team is responsible for collecting appropriate statistical information on our progress towards greater diversity, and ensuring hiring and employee management processes are inclusive.

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