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Julius Serrano

Accessible web content for all

Web accessibility is about making sure that your web content can be understood, used, and enjoyed by people with disabilities. But there are specific situations where people who...
Andrew Boag

PostgreSQL PITR in AWS: Tips and Usage

Catalyst has been working with the great open source Relational Database Management Solutions (RDMS) MySQL and PostgreSQL for well over a decade. We are proud of the experience...
Donovan Jones

Ansible on the Catalyst Cloud

According to http://www.ansible.com/how-ansible-works "Ansible is a radically simple IT automation engine that automates cloud provisioning, configuration management, application...
Don Christie

Being “in the zone”

At Catalyst we are really interested in 'being in the zone'. That's when the work we do with and for clients seems to be effortless, hugely rewarding for all parties, a...
Kristina Hoeppner

Software requirements review: The workshop way

A few months ago Catalyst was asked by a potential client to go through the project requirements for an ePortfolio system with them in a workshop. There were about 120...
Gavin Porter

Kiwicon 9: Cyberwar is hell

As Security Manager at Catalyst, attendance at Kiwicon is pretty much mandatory each year. It was again pleasing to look around the crowds and recognise so many Catalyst staff (I...
Don Christie

Leading through Open

A few weeks ago I joined five other Catalyst people at an Irish bar in New York, cheering on the All Blacks in their pulsating quarter-final Rugby World Cup victory over...
Donovan Jones

OpenStack Summit Report

The Catalyst Cloud is built on an open source platform called OpenStack. Every six months OpenStack developers, operators, vendors and users get together for a summit where they...
Chris Cormack

Kohacon15 - Ìbàdàn, Nigeria

Who would have thought, that a piece of software originally started in Wellington, New Zealand, would now be in use in almost every country in the world. I certainly didn't in...