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Alex Lawn

Cutting our AWS spend in half

It often seems that, by default, our AWS monthly spends go in only one direction - up. Our AWS cost reduction strategy has evolved over time, through the work we’ve done for...
Brendan Heywood

Under the hood of Moodle’s cron system

At Catalyst we work with a lot of clients who have pretty big Moodle instances. One of the critical parts of Moodle is the Task API aka cron system which ticks along in the...
Andrew Boag

Follow The Sun Support – One Year In

Catalyst started up in 1997, and from humble beginnings as an outsourced services company we have grown to over 250 staff globally, with seven offices across Australia, New...
Andrew Boag

PostgreSQL PITR in AWS: Tips and Usage

  Catalyst has been working with the great open source Relational Database Management Solutions (RDMS) MySQL and PostgreSQL for well over a decade. We are proud of the...