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Paul Stevens

The Elearning Flash apocalypse

Flash is going EOL in 2020 but most browsers will drop support in mid-2019. Years ago the IT community and popular media got excited about the Y2K bug that was due to plunge us...
Kristina Hoeppner

Mahara Hui DACH18: Something for every educator

At the end of November, I had the privilege of attending Mahara Hui DACH18, Mahara Hui for Germany (D), Austria (A), and Switzerland (CH). The event was held at PH Wien, the...
Daniel Roperto

Agile and Test-Driven Development

The spirit of Agile development is to allow changes to happen when they are needed. The biggest benefit of running a test-driven development process is that the project does...
Donna Benjamin

Web Analytics: A new plugin for Moodle

Catalyst recently contributed a new web analytics plugin to the Moodle plugins directory.   Our new plugin is the next step in an evolution of maturity in the collection,...
Donna Benjamin

What does a Business Analyst do?

I recently passed a milestone in the journey of my career. I've now spent over two years as a formal "Business Analyst" or "BA" here at Catalyst IT. In actuality, I've been a BA...
Kathryn Tyree

Open values at VALA2018

Around about now I should start emailing you to say, “come and talk to Catalyst about your library technology plans! Visit me at Stand 44 at #Vala2018!” right? Well, yes, but...
Bruno Lago

Serverless Computing in OpenStack

Qinling delivers Function as a Service (Serverless Computing) in OpenStack clouds. Lingxian Kong and Feilong Wang are senior cloud engineers from the Catalyst Cloud...
Russell Michell

Blockchain 101 - part 2

Introduction In my previous post I covered key concepts fundamental to understanding blockchain technology, and detailed a small handful of real world use-cases. In this post I...