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SAML - SSO with single log out

This fourth and final post in our “Authentication Series” looks at SAML authentication, our SAML 2.0 Moodle plugin and how it supports SSO and single log out (AKA single sign-out...

Koha latest version 21.05

The Koha library software team at Catalyst is delighted to share the Koha latest version 21.05. This major release contains 703 changes: 6 new features, 248...

MFA - What it is and why you need it

Multi-factor authentication (MFA) is a vital second layer of defence against password-based attacks, as it makes stealing users credentials so much harder.  The reality is,...
Charlotte Weston

Global Accessibility Awareness Day

Here at Catalyst we take digital accessibility seriously, embedding it into our development services from the beginning. Web accessibility helps people with disabilities to...

Make your Moodle more professional - 5 tips

Moodle LMS provides the platform for your learning content to be redesigned, so it can evolve with your organisation. With so many options for colours, fonts, GIFs and images...

Follow The Sun support - why it matters

Back in 2017, we wrote a blog post “Follow The Sun support – One Year In” that talked about why and how Catalyst IT established a Follow The Sun support model. Now, as we...
Ghada El-Zoghbi

Why use Agile software development?

Agile software development was formalised in 2001, when 17 technologists drafted the Agile Manifesto.  Since then, the term “Agile” has taken on a life of its own. It’s...

Happy birthday Drupal

With DrupalFest 2021 happening through this month, celebrating 20 years of Drupal is ON! As a proud Premium Supporting Partner, that has worked with Drupal for over 15 years, we...