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Moodle integration – engineering success

Integration is one of the most important aspects of designing an LMS solution. It will streamline processes, improve productivity, vastly improve the student UX, and ultimately...

System integration – the aim is the name

System integration promises are often under-delivered. This post explains what it is, the impact of cloud services, the challenges that need to be overcome plus details a Moodle...

Cloud computing – risks and mitigation

Cloud computing enables education providers to deliver a high performance service, but it doesn't happen at the flick of a switch. Like anything worthwhile, it requires skill and...

Collaborative learning with Moodle

An established edtech, explore how Moodle learning management system (LMS) can support students and educators with their collaborative learning and group communication in a hybrid...

Understanding managed services in the cloud

The global cloud managed services market is rapidly expanding in terms of both extent and adoption; it is anticipated that by 2027 its value will reach a massive US$129.26b. In...
Alex Lawn

DevOps – going strong with GoCD

Automating the continuous integration and delivery process. Many organisations are reaping the benefits of increased agility and iterative speed of adopting DevOps tools and...