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Meg James

Online course design – pitfalls and top tips

It’s easy to think that online courses are simple to put together. After all, you just need to compile your content and assessment, and put them in the course, right? Wrong....
Kristina Hoeppner

What’s in the future of Mahara

In this final part of our mini series on Mahara history, we provide an overview of Mahara ePortfolio product roadmap and details of upcoming webinars.
Kristina Hoeppner

Mahara – It takes a village

In this second part of our mini series on Mahara history, we look at how features and other improvements make it into the software.

Managing backups – an MSP approach

A look at why an MSP's approach to managing backups is valuable, this post shares how our own managed services for Moodle LMS supports backups and data retention.

A tool for systematic USI verification

A custom software solution that provides higher education providers and RTOs with a consistent process that eliminates typographical errors and saves time.

Data recovery – what’s your plan?

Data recovery and data recovery planning is the key to maintaining business continuity. This post explores incidents that can affect your data, how important backups are and the...