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Higher Education Providers’ Current Challenges and Opportunities.

Are you being honest about the real effects of the decisions made in a rush? While many educators and students are embracing learning management systems and enjoying the flexibility of working / learning from home, latest industry research findings confirm that the declining rate of student engagement is one of the biggest challenges higher education providers are now dealing with. In this blog, we unpack this and other challenges as well as opportunities for higher education providers. Click below.

The Rise of Micro-credentialing.

Education and training is often an expensive and time consuming exercise for both individuals and businesses. The need for proper digital infrastructure and quicker, more affordable ways to upskill talent is clear. Micro-credentialing is an excellent solution for both worlds – education providers and consumers. Click below to learn why and how we can help you sell more courses online.

Latest Moodle Release is Here: Why we love Moodle 4.1.

It’s no surprise that each Moodle release takes good to great and betters it every time. Being Open Source, Moodle is constantly supported by a global community of developers and users. It is feature-rich, highly configurable and most importantly flexible to individual organisations’ needs. Here is what we love most about Moodle 4.1...

Optimise Performance of Your Moodle Site – thanks, Catalyst.

Performing Brain Surgery on the Beating Heart of Moodle was the topic of Cameron Ball, our colleague’s, presentation at the Moodle Moot Global 2022. In this blog, Cameron shares some tips on how he and his team achieved great efficiencies for our client's Moodle site.

2022 Moodle Award Winners: LMS Contributor of the Year and Premium Partner of the Year!

We are very excited to have received two of these very special recognitions at the 2022 Moodle Certified Partner Awards last week - LMS Contributor of the Year for our global team (Catalyst IT New Zealand, Australia, UK and Canada) and Moodle Premium Partner of the Year for the APAC region for Catalyst IT Australia.

Catalyst IT partner with Course Merchant to offer a sophisticated e-commerce solution for their clients.

Selling online education has never been easier. Whether you are an existing higher education provider who wants to sell a high volume of short courses (micro credentialing) or a business offering on-demand webinars or tutorials. Together with Course Merchant, we can help you make this happen.

Third Party Systems Integration: Challenges and opportunities.

Open Source software can help resolve many challenges when it comes to third-party systems integration, user accounts management and enrolments. Our clients who are Moodle users are in a better position than those on custom build proprietary systems.

Preparing your Moodle Upgrade Testing process: greatest dangers, common mistakes and tips on how to avoid those.

Last month, at the Moodle Moot Global 2022 event in Barcelona, some were lucky to attend Meg’s sessions and learn the tricks of the trade on how to make a testing process lead to a smooth upgrade process of a Moodle site. We share some of these tips with you here.

What’s Holding Us Back From Being ‘Open’? Why OS and business resilience go hand in hand.

The Open Source vs Proprietary software debate has existed for as long as we can remember and ‘cost of ownership’ is one of the key benchmarks in the battle. Security, support (maintenance) and customisation are the other three. What we see not considered enough, however, are these additional factors: quality, flexibility and resilience.